The Cascarelli Story Continues...

In 1964 the restaurant underwent a major remodel, and numerous changes came along in the years to follow (including Bob and Judy Karchers wedding in may of 1967. Judy Cascarelli joined her husband in the kitchen in 1971 and continued working together until the year 2000.

Robert continued to run the business with his wife until joined by his daughter and son, Erin and Ryan, who were always willing to help pitch in at the restaurant. Ryan Cascarelli joined his father on a full-time basis in 1992 and in 1994 assumed the role of managing the business, making him the third generation of Cascarellis to delight patrons. He was later joined by his sister in 1997 and Judy and Bob are still active, but enjoy letting the “kids” run the show today.

Starting just after taking on the responsibility of manager, Ryan underwent several massive construction projects to not only add space to the restaurant, but to add ambience. With his flair for Originality and Perception & sometimes the Dramatics and foresight Ryan continues to lean to the future with his talents.

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